Easy Super Peasy

Split Pea Crunch has some really good stuff:


        protein (7 grams per serving)

        non-gmo project verified

        no added sugar

        soy free

fiber (8 grams per serving)

gluten free certified

nothing artificial

vegan certified


made in New York in small batches

(check out our nutrition facts label down below!)


The Wonderful Split Pea

simply put, split peas are great for you

full of plant protein and fiber

We use high quality #1 grade yellow split peas, like these:

yellow split peas

Here's a little more to the story:

Peas have been used as a food source for thousands of years and are a valuable source of protein around the globe.  They are a grain legume, which puts them in the Fabaceae family along with other nutritious beans and peas.  Rich in many vitamins and minerals, including vitamin B6, vitamin K, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc and iron, they are a nutritional powerhouse.


So, what is a split pea then?  Well, botanically a split pea is the same thing as a pea (ours are a yellow variety of field peas) but they have been dried and split in half.  In the old days, this was done to make them easier to transport and cook.  One great result of drying peas is that the nutrients are much more densely packed than the same handful of regular peas.  For example, 100 grams of split peas has over 25 grams of protein versus 5 grams of protein in the same 100 grams of regular peas.  What a difference!  


Here's another fun fact to make you feel good about eating your split peas - they are a wonderful crop!  Whereas some crops only rob the soil of nutrients, peas actually return nutrients to the soil - notably nitrogen.  Returning nitrogen to the soil means that farmers can use less fertilizer to grow their next crop rotation.  Peas also grow during the rainy season, which means less additional water is needed to grow them versus other major crops that grow in hotter and drier months.  Could it get any better?


Well, a couple more things - studies have shown that both protein and fiber promote a feeling of fullness and, perhaps, make you less likely to grab that unhealthy snack between meals.  Also, the protein in split peas is made up of the good kinds of essential amino acids that help with energy.  Not to mention that eating plant protein is an excellent way to get your daily allowance.  All the good stuff you want, in a convenient savory snack food for on-the-go.  

Check out our nutrition facts:

We're so proud of this little label that we put it on the 

back of each bag of Split Pea Crunch!

(ok, we're obligated to put it on each bag, but we're still really proud!)

Split Pea Crunch Sea Salt - Nutrition Label (2).jpg