The Search for Crunchy Snacks


What began as a search for regular old peas that wouldn't get mushy, has evolved into an innovative, small batch snack food company based in New York City.

In 2014, we were desperately trying to get our (then 2 1/2 year-old) son to eat his peas.  Over lots of trial and error (mostly error), we realized that he liked crunchy foods, but couldn't stand mushy foods.  So, with inspiration from a friend from Trinidad, we began roasting all sorts of peas and beans in our little West Village kitchen to see if we could get them crunchy enough to entice his selective taste buds.  And Voila!  He loved them!  He gobbled them up!  And we did too!

After doing a bit of research, we learned that if we used a specific type of pea (yellow field peas to be exact) we would be getting a substantial amount of protein and fiber (much more so than common garden peas).  So, a-roasting we went.  We seasoned them with fun, savory flavors and began sharing them with our friends and family who kept asking for more...and a little business began to sprout up (sorry, bad pun).

Acknowledging the simple, comfort-food nature of our roasted split peas, we borrowed an old name for the Hudson River (the North River) and created Split Pea Crunch by North River Dry Goods.  We're very excited about the possibilities and, frankly, thrilled that anyone is even reading this!

Feel free to take a look around our website to find us in a retail store, order online direct from us, or just spend some time learning about how really great split peas are for you, the environment, and sustainability.


Thanks for being part of our journey!  Oh...and eat your split peas!

The North River Dry Goods Team

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